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Exhibitions Runs 2 April - 13 April


Rachel Robertson

Since graduating from art college, where I studied painting, I have developed an interest in making wall-based artworks using materials other than paint. While related to painting, my work explores the qualities of other materials such as acrylic, wool, and polyester.
With the use of domestic, craft materials such as wool and satin or the use of materials such as acrylic (often used in signage) I have removed them from their intended context and purpose and placed them in a contemporary art context where the unique qualities of such materials become emphasised. My more recent work includes abstract watercolours, a more traditional medium, but reflect my continued interest in the unique properties of materials, such as the transparency of watercolour. The artworks included in this exhibition represent my on going interest in exploring the qualities unique to specific materials in relation to painting.



Andrew Ensor

I began drawing birds as a theme a little over 5 years ago, it was something new for me during a difficult time, a subject I’d never really explored which seemed a potential endless source of inspiration. Over the years straight reproductions based closely on source material evolved into bird headed figures dressed in elaborate finery that come more and more from my own imagination.
This is an exhibition about that end point in an artist’s thematic cycle. Where the work is long removed from the initial spark, external inspirations are stripped away, replaced by an internal visual language largely based on imagination and previous works. The final journey into decadence before the next revolution heralds the new.
While this might be seen as artistic stagnation, the repeating of clichéd tropes going nowhere within one’s own pretentions, I hope it can be something more. I hope the work reflects an emotional depth that is at once desperate and raw yet beautiful and honest.



For Johnny (Ioannis) Merkouris

Happy Hour is an exhibition inspired by and in tribute to the late Artist, Johnny (Ioannis) Merkouris.

Johnny was an emerging Sydney based Artist who worked across a range of mediums, including: analog photography, drawing, painting and mixed media installation. Johnny would almost always be seen with a pen in hand, drawing or scribbling down ideas on whatever material he could find, especially paper napkins.

Each participant is a close friend or family member of Johnny and they have been given the task of creating an artwork from a single napkin. The results being a beautiful collection of memories, moments and experiences creatively expressed and remembered on a napkin.



Curated by Michelle Genders

The series at Gaffa Gallery concludes with an installation by curator Michelle Genders:

In ancient Hindu philosophy the universe is conceptualised as being made up of three primal energies: creation, protection and transformation. Each of these energies is traditionally associated with particular divinities and represented with geometric symbols called yantras.

This ancient typology is consistent with recent discoveries about outer space using advanced technology that collects information from multiple wavelengths on the UV spectrum. From this information we have developed a detailed knowledge of the life cycle of stars. We know that stars are created in stellar nebulae. We know that stars transform into supernovas. And we know that throughout their life cycle stars are held protected within the gravitation pull of a galaxy. NASA has published images of stars at various stages of their lives.

Michelle will install forms that express the forces of the three primal energies, the aesthetics of the NASA images and the geometric yantras.