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Exhibitions Runs 5 March - 16 March


Claudia Nicholson

As a Colombian born artist, adopted and raised in Australia Nicholson occupies an ambiguous position between both Australian and Latino cultures. Her practice is multidisciplinary with a focus on painting, performance and video art. Her work is driven by cultural dislocation and a desire to understand her own identity within the broader context of contemporary Australia and Latin America. Nicholson aims to contribute to discourse around the issues of cultural identity, authenticity and kinship. She works extensively with her family using performance to comment on social attitudes pertaining to kinship and the changing notions of family. Nicholson’s paintings reference Latin American folklore, pre-Columbian artifacts and Chola culture. Having recently participated in a residency in the Peruvian Amazon she has begun engaging with traditional Shipibo Conibo textile processes.

In 2011 Nicholson graduated with Honours from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She is currently undertaking a Masters by Research degree at UNSW majoring in painting and drawing. In 2012 Nicholson was selected to take part in 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art’s emerging artist program. Her work was highly commended in Arc’s 2012 Emerging Artist and Designer Award at Kudos gallery. In 2013 she participated in Centro Selva’s artist in residency program in Pucallpa Peru and had her first solo show, Silly Homeland, at Gaffa gallery. Nicholson is currently an artist in residence at Firstdraft gallery and will show with them later in the year.



Armando Chant

‘Reflections’ is a body of photographic images that combine both analogue and digital technologies, exploring the relationship between the image, garment and its form of representation. The images examine our experience of the image in a transitory and undefined context, where we question what we see, rather than it providing a defined answer.



Kaspar Kagi

In this solo exhibition from artist Kaspar Kagi, concepts of eternal life and its meaning are explored through drawings and sculpture. Inspired by the exploration of the planet Mars, Kagi questions whether there really is life out there and what does it look like.



Curated by Michelle Genders

‘Comments’ explores wearable jewellery, or anything else wearable, as medium that can make comment on politics, ethics, social justice and environmental consciousness in contemporary society because it is worn in a public space.

Featuring artists: Alexandra Darby, Anna Davern. Claire McArdle, Felix Gill, Fiona Meller, Jan Turzo, Karen Strang, Karin Findeis, Lorena Lazard. Luke John Matthew Arnold, Melissa Cameron, Michal Oren, Neke Moa, Suse Scholem, Rui Kikuchi. Vernon Bowden. Zoe Brand

(More information about these artists at - https://unlimitedsubstance.wordpress.com/exhibition-4-letyourhairdown/)