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Exhibitions Runs August 7 - August 18

Gallery 1

Sarah Plummer

Sarah's prints present as naive, but read, almost
immediately, as observant and precise. Deeply felt, and delicately tempered, they are as substantive each as a single breath, and just as important. Proficient in the art of Japanese paper making, Sarah exhibits several works on her own hand-made Kozogami. The intimacy between process and product speaks to the honesty of this young artist's practice, oscillating between landscapes of the psyche, corporeal existence and some place else entirely.

The Artist

Sarah Plummer is a 20 year old artist, partway through a BA of Printmaking at Rhode Island School of Design, USA. She has been designated as an Honors student as of 2014. Sarah formerly held various roles at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, such as guide and gallery staff member. In addition, Sarah has undergone independent study under Poet Laureate of Rhode Island, and upon returning to America in the
Fall, has been granted the opportunity to learn engraving from the highly acclaimed printmaker Andrew Raftery.

Gallery 2


I am so excited and honoured to present these new paintings to you at gaffa, in my first solo Sydney exhibition. The title of this collection, and paintings relate to my love of an enormous full moon.

I am intrigued and inspired by the out of world, mysterious atmosphere created by the moon’s silver neon luminescence. I love how a full moon lights up certain points and objects, trees and bushes, plants and flowers, and oceans and waterways. Such dramatic natural lighting, I find really exciting. My imagination runs wild with shapes and vibrant colours, because of this fantastic atmosphere. My mind then flies towards the cities of the world, where huge neon lights and neon signs illuminate the night sky, with ideas, colours, shapes and brands.
Powerful modern images, graphic and electric colours, metallic shines, lines, shapes, and free style of painting have evolved, with my use and experimentation of many different mediums of paint, some including: house paint, sprayed enamel and oils, and collage on canvas and board.
Through these mediums, paintings and images, I wish to convey the ancient mysteries and spiritual, feelings that the moon can produce..
It almost feels like mankind’s mystical soul.

The Artist

MAЯIA is a 23-year-old artist from Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

Gallery 3

Take Care Project Space
Curated By Talia Smith

Jacob Raupach
And Then

Featuring a selection of images from two bodies of work, this exhibition explores the tempestuous relationship between man and nature.