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Exhibitions Runs August 21 - September 1


This exhibition is 4 unique artists forming individual parts to create a greater whole. The artists outlined below are all challenging themselves to create new works and/or elements to existing projects.

They routinely co collaborate and inform each others creative development in a fluid and ever evolving way. This exhibition is the first time the public will have the chance to see them as a collective.

Gallery 1

Shane Robertson

I am currently painting both urban and outback landscapes in a
combination of acrylic and high gloss enamel paints onto boards. I am focussed on the manmade structures within these landscapes. The seemingly mundane and usually industrial forms that infiltrate our urban and rural environment fascinate me. I am visually stimulated by the variance, depth and life of colour that is present in the study of shadows that are caused by these structures and how the light changes over time. My original intention was not to make an environmental or sociological comment about nature and the consequences of development I am just fascinated by the patterns and lines in architecture and nature.

I have not made a deliberate or even conscience choice to use cold colours in my paintings I am simply responding to the environment around me.

The Artist

TV industry for the last 18 years in a variety of positions. Most recently as the Art Director for Gentlemens Guide To Knife Fightin, Tractor Monkey, Hungry Beast (ABC Shows). Also Prop Maker on New Inventor, Most recently I’m employed as Head of Props on Giggle and Hoot.

Gallery 2


Sergio Hernandez

There are no Theories behind my work, only the desire to understand the world through sculpture, medium with which I have a natural connection.

Exodus is the idea behind my latest body of work for
this exhibition, I've been working on new pieces to understand this phenomena, which I'm part of it, as millions in our world.

The Artist

Sergio Hernandez Merchan was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1973 and migrated to australia in 2003. He was awarded a bachelor in architecture from the central University of Venezuela in 1998. From 1995 to 2001 he worked in the studio of sculptor Cornelis Zitman, Caracas, Venezuela. He has participated in over 20 exhibitions including the Mc Clelland sculpture survey 2007 Langwarrin, Australia and several exhibitions with Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney, Australia. From 2003 to 2008 worked in studio kite a special effects workshop where he had the opportunity to learn 3d Modelling and other modern sculpting technics. Currently working as a sculptor at opera Australia. His works are held in private and public collections in Venezuela, Australia and the USA. Sergio Hernandez Merchan currently lives and works in Sydney

Jeremy Hastings

Waterline is a concept piece based around the idea of a multi-disciplinary, collaborative floating arts hub on Sydney Harbour. My installation will be made up of the research, development and planning elements that I have created thus far.

The Artist
Jeremy spent much of his life in Paris, working in theatre and with an artist's collective. He showed installations at La Jeune Peinture, de Parfaits Inconnus and at the Portes Ouvertes de Ménilmontant.

Now a scenic artist/props maker in Sydney, Jeremy pursues ideas of social sculpture between artists and communities.

Gallery 3

Jo Parkin

The collages I create permit me to experiment with tableaux and
image making by allowing a narrative and/or aesthetic relationship to emerge by juxtaposing forms and pictures. The layering and reimagining of found vintage images is a deliberate accentuation of imperfection and reinvention.

The Artist
Jo Parkin is a Sydney based painter and object maker. She has worked extensivley in the TV, film and Theatre industries in a variety of creative roles for the past 20 years. She taught life drawing at NIDA and Randwick Technical College. She is currenlty employed full time as a senior props maker with Opera Australia.

Take Care Project Space
Curated By Talia Smith


Raewyn Gilkes & Christine McFetridge
Rachel Brandon

Relationships, connections, a sense of belonging.

Photographers Raewyn Gilkes and Christine McFetridge examine this in Take Care Project Space’s latest exhibition Wish you were here. Originally presented in Christchurch, New Zealand’s Room Four their collaborative project I Miss my Crew is reproduced and represented through the eyes of curator Talia Smith. The project was created as a way of connecting the two (Gilkes in Auckland, McFetridge in Melbourne) through imagery captured by their smartphones and then uploaded onto a shared blog. I Miss my crew cleverly questions the role that technology plays in our everyday interactions, allowing the viewer a small glimpse into these young photographers lives.