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Exhibitions Runs 05 February - 16 February



Alison Young

In a short space of time, things that may not be in front of us can be reconnected to, through the use of a symbol.
While the alchemists follow their symbols to guide them from the physical matter of their experiments, to the comprehension of the sky, a certain kind of symmetry is engaged with.
Grounding the highest connections to forms that give shape to their short comings allows each to be held in space of non-duality.
Based on the notion that ideas can be flawless and experience can be less than flawless, this body of work brings together both as a unified whole.



Alex Robinson

Photography carries within itself a temporal ambiguity that allows us to look into the past and glimpse the future. As we search a photograph to discover something previously unseen, it is the alchemy of the camera that is able to transcend literal objectivity. Time literally inscribes its presence on the surface of the film.

This photographic series entitled ‘Visible World’ offers an expanded duration of time, leading to a clarity that enables us to penetrate the superficial façade and delve into the historical significance of Angkor. It is believed that the demise of the former Khmer capital 500 years ago was the result of it growing beyond its means. Angkor Wat has become one of Asia's most visited tourist sites in the twenty-first century. How then are we to challenge or accept the inevitable possibility of history repeating itself?



A mixed media exhibition, celebrating the diversity of the staff and volunteers working for Gaffa.



Curated by Michelle Genders

This exhibition explores the idea of metamorphosis or transitions. It will include objects, substances or situations in which powers that we don’t fully understand impact upon a person or the environment and cause a change. The exhibition will have an unsettling feel and the appearance of the objects may shift over time.

It is about a mood, a sensation, an emotion. It is about a large and amorphous feeling that you can’t quite pin down. It is about a change in something that may be difficult to articulate verbally or intellectually. Instead, it is something you feel in your gut or your heart or the field of your whole body.

We are going to dark places with this exhibition. We will be facing things that are scary and perhaps finding things that protect us from our fears.