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Exhibitions Runs 08 January - 19 January


Australian Electronic Arts in Western Sydney #2

Curated by Monica Brooks

Recently Historic: Australian Electronic Arts in Western Sydney, is the second showcase (following on from the exibition in Kingswood) of artists working with electronic media, connected by their association to the University of Western Sydney’s former School of Contemporary Arts.
The exhibition takes hold of the notion that many of today’s practicing artists are initially bolstered by tertiary art programs, and the communities that go with them.

As the University of Western Sydney celebrates its 25th anniversary, this exhibition reflects on the long-term outcomes the art school in Western Sydney formerly offered. In particular, once radical programs now discontinued, such as the Bachelor of Electronic Art.

Featuring work by: Alex White, Emily Morandini, Ivan Lisyak, Peter Blamey, Jon Hunter, Jasper Streit, Samuel Bruce, Louise Dibben, Rene Christen, T.R. Carter, Daniel Green, Robin Hungerford, Kate Brown, Tom Hungerford, Wade Marynowsky.


Between UNSW and NSCAD

By Mark Bovey and Jason Phu

This print exchange portfolio was presented at the SGCI Conference 2014 (San Francisco), the participants comprising of NSCAD (Canada) and UNSW Art & Design (Australia) graduate students, lecturers and professors. Each print required the participant to research the histories of these two commonwealth British colonies with overarching themes such as political relations, cultural and technological development, the subjugation of original peoples and the post-colonial legacy, narrative histories and relations with the monarchy etc. Participants were encouraged to research each other’s histories and to locate content from which to build connections.

Supported by Arc at UNSW Art & Design


Tales of Madrayiss: The Soup Day Scheme

Max has been working for the past 5 years on a fictional narrative, the Madràyiss series. The series is based 3000 years in our future, in a fictional metropolis ruled by badgers named Madràyiss. The badger built metropolis is responsible for the manufacture all humanistic thought up until the 21st century of modern man. It has also been ruled over by an Onion for 100 years, pushing the badger population into a miserable dark age.


Curated by Michelle Genders

A pop song that gets in your head, repeats over and over, and won’t go away is known as an “earworm”. The jewellery equivalent of an earworm is a piece of jewellery that you can’t stop wearing. You put it on every morning and organise the rest of your outfit around it, people give you compliments on it and you feel good when you see yourself in the mirror wearing it.

Included in this exhibition are 25 jewellery artists from Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and Taiwan. Each jeweller has created a pair of earrings that will be installed over top of illustrator Geoffrey Goodes painting on the walls of the gallery. Each jeweller was selected for his or her skill and precision, of a distinctive style and each artist uses materials in innovative ways.

On the opening night there will be a musical performance by singer-writer Seth Mortensen.