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Exhibitions Run December 10 - 21


A group show

We live our lives trying to justify our existence. We take part in endless debates about everything and about nothing. We keep trying to justify every action, every movement, every breath. Almost everything finds its place inside the whys and the dont’s. Why do we have tears, How come smiles can change someones life and why the night is black?
Today, a group of artists have gathered to celebrate the antithesis of justification. Why not, is a stand against our desire to explore lines, shapes, colours. It is the time of voyaging and assertion with our inner-selves that drive our passions. Explanation or justification of our traces have no meaning. Here, just the feeling and the desire to create are the engines that transform the space. Jacs, Liam, Amber, Tim and Paulo leap into an exploration of instrument forms, each representing these instruments through their own interpretation. Instinctive and passionate and always free from filters. 10 instruments, five artists, 50 works made only for this purpose and one space to share it all. Everything is welcome, we are extreme defenders of freedom from style, the absence of explanation and the pleasure that entertains the senses. After all, why not?


Milda Dulhunty

The works in this exhibition depict imaginary places, painted by intuition, without preconceived design. Landscapes, cityscapes or seascapes emerge and evolve as they are painted, sometimes influenced by remnants of memory, stirred subconsciously. Metallic tones and gold paint are used to express the unique aspects of each place, conveying warmth, light, and evoking the essence of a scene. Through embellishment and abstraction, each painting allows the viewer their own interpretation, drawing a spiritual and emotional response.


Rainer Schluter

“Masculin_Masculin” is inspired by the exhibition which took place at the Musée d`Orsay in Paris in January 2014; it displays works created when I moved to Sydney from Far North Queensland. The female nude is commonplace in today’s society, while male nudity and sexuality remain less represented in every day images. In my opinion however, Sydney has a strong masculine dimension, and this feeling and my personal emotions triggered the inspiration for my new work. My sculptures express the human masculine body, its tensions, emotions, and challenges.

The Narrative of Location (close)
Curated by Shivanjani Lal

The Narrative of Location is a group exhibition curated by Shivanjani Lal where 8 artists of multiple cultures will explore how belonging to a diasporic community alters and informs a location (the gallery) with meaning. In an attempt to reflect upon and historical and emotional connection each feels in recreating/owning their sense of place. The last 7 exhibitions exploring this discourse a mapping has occurred which encompasses and is drawn from place, language, bodies, environments and vexillology (flags). In this mapping we hope to evoke conversations around the quiet stories of the migrant and minority experience.


Group Show

A group show from the students who participated in Gaffa's jewellery classes in 2015 as taught by Alida Cappelletta and Blye Groom.