In a State of Transition | Kevin Diallo

Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Kimberley Peel
'In a State of Transition' is an exhibition of works by Kevin Diallo that interrogate the perception of Blackness in western contemporary society.

Sydney photographer Kevin Diallo uses his series of work 'In a State of Transition' to question African art authenticity in relation to contemporary art, and offers alternative narrative through the potential that new media art presents to African Artists.

The work focuses on the subversive qualities that digital manipulation and new media process-driven-practices offer to African artists. Through an understanding of intersectionality, the work sheds light on the idea of Post-Blackness in an African context. It explores what it is to be African today in a contemporary context without being defined by the established perception of African Authenticity.

Kevin Diallo's practice utilises digital collages, the cyanotype process on Dutch Wax fabric as well as its own contemporary reinterpretation of traditional African designs.