New ARI | Tributary Projects

Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Kimberley Peel
Tributary Projects is a new artist run space in the ACT, independent and focused on supporting diverse artists and performers at all stages of their careers.

Tributary Projects is situated in Fyshwick a light industrial wonderland in which the ordered placement of a usual Canberran suburb falls away and unlikely combinations of commercial interests rub up against each other. This initiative was started here, where space is cheap, amongst a boat mechanic, trophy engraver and sex shop to provide the kind of gallery that exists elsewhere in the world but up to this point was missing from the Canberra arts scene. Namely a flexible and independent ARI that is geared towards grass-roots engagement with the arts. Based on a board run not for profit model and consisting of an exhibition and performance space and a small group of studios.

Initially founded by Patrick Larmour and Connor Drum the organisation was intended from the start to be a collaborative endeavor. After a month of vigourous and speedy renovations they expanded to bring in a board of creative practitioners from a range of disciplines known and unknown to them.  These board members have all worked in the arts in the ACT, some operating their own spaces and collectives. These board members are Cathy Petőcz, Oscar Capezio, Grace Blake, Kirsten Farrell, and Natalija Nikolic.

In a similar way the inclusion of studio spaces is very important to the fabric of the space giving it an ongoing day to day life and vibrancy and helping to support artists in need of work space. This also helps to keep them entirely self funded without the need for grants or government support.

Having just finished their initial callout they will be announcing a selected program for the rest of the year at the start of April which will include artists from Canberra as well as interstate and overseas.