Ihnen Atelier

Melanie Ihnen founded this intimate creative space from her desire to create and showcase her contemporary jewellery creations alongside a curated selection of contemporary Australian jewellery artists.

Impeccable craftsmanship combined with elegant design is the foundation of jeweller Melanie Ihnen’s range of exquisite contemporary jewellery. Under the name, Ihnen Atelier, Ihnen showcases her signature work which combines
precious gems and metals with the occasional touch of difference through materials such as monel and porcelain.

Complementary to this minimalist aesthetic is a carefully edited selection of work from established and emerging Australian jewellers. Ihnen believes it is fundamental to support Australian artists so that our unique Australian identity in the arts will continue to flourish.


‘We have innovative makers in Australia and being located in Sydney’s CBD affords me the opportunity to present our originality to the wider international community as well as our ongoing loyal clientele in Australia. I strive to inspire people to be as passionate about contemporary Australian jewellery design as I am.’


Ihnen Atelier specialises in beautifully crafted limited edition runs, bespoke commissions and engagement, wedding and commitment rings.

Aphra Ellen

Anna Davern

Anna Davern

Courtney Jackson

Melanie Ihnen

Melanie Ihnen

Sarah Murphy