Innes Peridot

Innes Peridot proposes a diverse work ofhandmade pieces aiming to provide essential items to build and elevate thewearer’s own private jewellery collection.

Captivated by design, Innes Peridot seeks and sees inspiration in art, architecture, industrial design, nature and often refers to the extensive collection of books she owns. With a strong fascination with the adorned form of the jewellery prevalent in ancient civilisations, she brings together styles and methods from different eras with a somewhat playful and exaggerated factor.

“What matters is your attitude, what you do with jewellery and how you style it. It’s exciting to see people finding their own way and power. I provide the toys for people to play and be creative”.

Each piece is designed and made in house to order utilising various forms of metalsmithing and lost-wax-casting processes from her Gadigal / Sydney studio.Gemstones are sourced from accredited and reputable local gem dealers.

instagram: @innesperidot