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Our Story & Vision

Founded in 2006, Gaffa Creative Precinct has evolved from it’s origins in Surry Hills to a dynamic force in Sydney's CBD landscape. Expanding across two locations—281 Clarence Street and 30 Shirlow Street—Gaffa serves as a catalyst for artistic creation, exhibition and discourse.

Beyond our core commitment to art and design, we extend our offer to a broader community of curatorial and event based networks. With nearly two decades of artistic innovation, Gaffa Creative Precinct is steadfast in its empowerment of meaningful conversations that propel new possibilities in contemporary landscapes.

Inclusivity, diversity, and community engagement are fundamental to our values as we take pride in our commitment to facilitate these opportunities to grow and celebrate a rich spectrum of cultural expression.

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The Team at Gaffa

To date, Gaffa's jewellery workshop level is the largest of its kind in Australia and was the basis of Gaffa's beginnings. Now, in 2020 in our fourteenth year of operating, Gaffa has grown into a larger entity that prides itself on providing a space to both established and emerging artists to foster their practices and exhibit their works. We remain committed to nurturing cross-platform collaboration, collectivity and cohesion within the contemporary arts community and to contributing to a wider conversation in the Sydney art scene.Gaffa is truly an individual, with no other one arts organisation acting quite the way that we do.