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Kindling inspiration and instilling mindfulness

Gaffa's studio workshop has decisively relocated to Marrickville, a mecca of Sydney’s most resourceful and industrial creatives. As we remain dedicated to a collective of makers and designers, we continue to extend our warm welcome to communities at large.

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Cross-platform spaces designed for a diverse range of creative practitioners

Our studio workshop spaces have been thoughtfully designed to kindle inspiration and instil mindfulness. We firmly believe that the act of creating with our own hands holds immeasurable value and can bridge the gap between traditional methods and innovative techniques. Our master classes aim to ignite creativity in all who participate. Moreover, our studio benches serve as a tranquil retreat for established creators, providing a space where they can reach new heights in their professional pursuits.

Gaffa’s Studio Workshop, is dedicated to the transformative power of practice. By actively shaping social landscapes through interdisciplinary collaboration, our studio space awards artists and designers alike to gain momentum in their creative endeavours and narratives. Inclusivity, diversity, and community engagement are fundamental to our values as we take pride in our commitment to facilitate these opportunities to grow and celebrate a rich spectrum of cultural expression


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