Studio Residency

Gaffa’s Studio Workshop, is dedicated to the transformative power of practice. By actively shaping social landscapes through interdisciplinary collaboration, our studio space awards artists and designers alike to gain momentum in their creative endeavours and narratives. Inclusivity, diversity, and community engagement are fundamental to our values as we take pride in our commitment to facilitate these opportunities to grow and celebrate a rich spectrum of cultural expression

Gaffa Studio Workshops are currently accepting tenancy from individuals, groups or businesses. If you would like further information about Gaffa’s jewellery workshop, please email:

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Tenancy Application

With 24 hour access you'll have all the time, workshop and its equipment and a designated workspace. In the application, we encourage candidates to showcase their artistic practice, describe the tools and materials they require for their work. We're searching for people who embody passion, dedication, and a commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. Don't miss this chance to secure your spot for our residency program. We are keen to hear from you and look forward to reading your applications.

Any queries can be directed to the studio team at


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