Leanne Xiu Williams

Between Dreams

June 2, 2022

Between Dreams explores the surreality of lived experience particularly within the context of the world events of the past two years. While she draws inspiration from images & art across many mediums, her work blurs the boundaries between scenes derived from reality, memory, and found imagery in order to call into question the surreal nature of feeling suspended between spaces both physically and temporally.

In and out of lockdown, reality begins to resemble a passing dream and memories pre-2020 feel like distant scenes beyond the scope of everyday life. This show is an attempt to recall the kind of visual imagery that is evocative of this sensation.

Artist bio

Leanne Xiu Williams (b. 1995) lives and works on Gadigal land. With a background in Art History, she is a self-taught painter whose practice currently involves locating her own visual language across arrange of different subjects, such as through figures, portraits, and still life.

She is interested in exploring how painting can allude to experiences beyond representation; in particular, how it can evoke memories, dreams and images that linger just beyond conscious thought.

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