Scott Portelli and Rosie Leaney

360 IN 360

April 8, 2022

'The power of nature can inspire. Our connection with the land and oceans goes beyond the physical. It allows us to draw from its essence and interpret the world conceptually. The past and present are moments in time we derive from our experiences. We are explorers seeking truth from the world around us.'

This eclectic collection of fine art prints by husband and wife team, Scott Portelli and Rosie Leaney represent the diversity of nature and the unrivalled magnificence of Australia. From the iconic to the unknown, the 360 in 360 exhibition will whet the appetite of those seeking escape from the constraints of the new world regime.

Through a thematic approach to visual storytelling, the exhibition captures unique moments that communicate the diversity of life, the miracle of nature and a sense of adventure. 360 in 360 is the culmination of a year spent navigating a pandemic and exploring the relationship with the natural world. The true spirit of Australia is ever present throughout this body of work, exploring above and below, from the familiar to the unknown.

This exhibition reveals the creative use of photographic techniques to bring concepts to life and show a rarely seen perspective. An Aesthetic collection of colour, light, texture and movement to stimulate the senses and create a desire to explore the deeper layers within each photograph.



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